Royal Hussar Jackets: A History of Professional Wrestling

Professional wrestling is a form of entertainment that has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world for decades. An important aspect of wrestling is the attire of a wrestler, which often helps them stand out and become iconic figures in the industry. The Royal Hussar Jacket is a particularly unique piece of clothing that has become synonymous with professional wrestling. This article will focus on what royal hussar jacket wrestling is, the history of wrestling and royal hussar jackets, their connections, and the cross-cultural appeal of royal hussar jackets.

What is Royal Hussar Jacket wrestling

Royal Hussar Jacket wrestling is a type of professional wrestling in which wrestlers wear specially designed jackets called Hussar jackets. These jackets are made of thick wool or canvas, fitted closely, and have leather collars and cuffs. These jackets are often brightly colored and feature decorative braids and buttons.

The sport originated in France in the 19th century, where it was known as “Lutte à la Casaque”. It later spread to other parts of Europe, including Russia, Hungary, and Austria, where it became known as “Pankration.” In the United States, the style was known as “Catch Wrestling” and became popular with the surnames Hackenschmidt and Gotch.

Early Professional Wrestling

The origins of professional wrestling can be traced back to ancient Greece when it was introduced as an Olympic sport. The modern version of the sport began in the 19th century, with wrestlers often performing at carnivals and fairs. Early wrestling matches did not have specific uniforms, wrestlers would wear their regular attire. However, as the sport of wrestling evolved, a more standardized dress code was required.

In the early 20th century, many changes took place in professional wrestling, including introducing stricter rules and gradually adopting specific attire by wrestlers. One of the most striking wrestling garments of the era was the royal hussar jacket.

The Golden Age of Wrestling and the Royal Hussar Jacket

The period between the 1950s and 1970s is often referred to as the “Golden Age” of WWE. This era saw the rise of many legendary wrestlers such as Bruno Sammartino, The Magnificent George, and Rick Flair. The Royal Hussars jacket was especially popular during this time.

The royal hussar jacket was often worn by heeled (thug) wrestlers to exude an air of authority and prestige. These jackets are usually brightly colored, embellished with ornate embroidery and beautiful designs that captivate the viewers. The royal hussar jacket also contrasted with the plain, simple wrestling gear that babyface (hero) wrestlers wear.

Royal Hussar Jackets in Contemporary Wrestling

As the sport of wrestling entered the 21st century, much has changed in the attire worn by wrestlers. Wrestling became more mainstream and moved away from its traditional roots, with wrestlers wearing more modern attire. However, the Royal Hussar jacket remains an iconic and recognizable feature of wrestling.

Today, the Royal Hussar jacket often portrays unique and memorable wrestling characters. Some wrestling celebrities, such as Triple H and Randy Orton, have worn variations of the Royal Hussar jacket throughout their careers. The jacket’s continued presence in professional wrestling is a testament to its cultural significance and its ability to convey unique personality traits.

The Cross-Cultural Charm of the Royal Hussar Jacket

The popularity of the Royal Hussar jacket is not limited to the United States; it has become a global phenomenon in wrestling. Wrestlers from cultures as diverse as England, Japan, and Mexico have taken this style of jacket and put a unique twist on it. The cross-cultural appeal of the Hussar jacket has made it a symbol of wrestling culture around the world.

Aside from its wrestling appeal, the hussar jacket also had cultural significance. The jacket’s design and colors have historical and political undertones, making them particularly powerful symbols of certain cultures. In Mexico, for example, jacket designs are inspired by the country’s history, paying homage to the Hussars, an elite cavalry regiment of the Mexican army.


The Royal Hussar Jacket is a unique and iconic feature of professional wrestling. From its early origins in the early 20th century to its continued use in contemporary wrestling, the jacket has been instrumental in creating memorable wrestling characters. The cross-cultural appeal of the Hussar jacket has made it an important icon of wrestling culture around the world. Its popularity and significance will surely continue in the wrestling world for years to come.


What is the origin of the Royal Hussar Jackets in wrestling?

The Royal Hussar jackets were introduced to wrestling in the early 20th century when wrestlers began to adopt specific attire. These jackets were originally used to create a more formal and imposing appearance for heels or villainous wrestlers.

How has the design of the Royal Hussar Jackets evolved over the years?

The design of the Royal Hussar jackets has evolved over the years, with different wrestlers putting their unique spin on them. Some variations of the jacket feature intricate embroidery and elaborate designs that are specific to individual wrestlers.

Why are Royal Hussar Jackets considered iconic in wrestling?

Royal Hussar jackets are considered iconic in wrestling because of their distinct and unique appearance. The jackets create a sense of authority and prestige that has become synonymous with the “bad guy” or heel wrestlers.

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